Why Choose Fiber?

Why Choose Fiber?

FIBER – When we say Fiber-To-The-Home, that’s what we mean, not fiber to the curb, or fiber to the neighborhood like other carriers. All our fiber-to-the-home is 100% Fiber all the way to the subscriber’s home. In fact, in most cases that fiber plugs directly into the free router provided by us.

UNLIMITED– Unlike our competitors we think you should enjoy all the internet you want. That’s why all of our Fiber packages have UNLIMITED data. No slowing you down, no charging you more, no de-prioritizing your traffic behind others, We don’t even track how much data you use!

BURIED – There are discount Internet providers, and there are premium Internet providers. What makes us a premium Internet provider? It all starts with a 100% buried plant. This means that all of our cables are buried securely underground, safe from, wind, ice, tornadoes, large vehicles, and countless other perils that plague our competition with “unscheduled outages”. Sure it costs more to bury it all, but you can’t put a price on reliability.



It’s important to keep your focus on the family. Time can slip away when you are dealing with slow internet and a demanding job. Therefore, taking the opportunity to watch a movie and eat popcorn together on family night can become an important event. Our professionals are ready to bring a faster, more reliable internet service to your home. Call now and check to see if our Fiber service is available in your area. 309-372-4214

How Does Fiber Compare?

Reynolds Communications High-Speed Fiber gives you the ability to download a 2-Hour Movie in seconds, compared to waiting 30 minutes or more over a 20 MBPS traditional internet service.



Fiber is ideal for multiple users to connect several devices at once. If you have been trying to decide which type of internet connection is best for you and your family, you will definitely want to add fiber internet as soon as it becomes available in your Reynolds Communications area.


Fiber is not only one of the fastest types of internet service, but it also supports multiple users at the same time. The ability for everyone in the family to be able to use their devices at the same time is a necessity for most families.


Other service providers and satellite companies throttle your internet service or it gets bogged down with multiple users after going over your limit. The stress and frustrations when this happens can be overwhelming.

Reynolds Communications is proud to provide you with our top-of-the-line, high-speed fiber for a faster more reliable internet service. It is time to upgrade and relax.

Let’s Get Started!


If you have family and friends that you like to video chat with, our Fiber Optic Internet is the best choice with the highest speeds and reliability.

The fiber-optic technology that we provide is used to transmit high-quality live video without the limitations of other transfer methods. This means that you can be confident that your video call will not be interrupted or stall as it has on other types of connections.

Stay up to date with your family and share so much more through a quality video chat with friends, children, and grandchildren. There’s no need to drive long distances or work around health conditions with video chat. It’s time to connect without the hassle of slow internet service.

Call for a professional technician to come out today! 309-372-4214


When it comes to online gaming, a fast internet connection is powerful! Gamers need to stay in the game and keep the conversation going with our High-Speed Fiber Optic Connection.

Take your gaming to a whole new level with Reynolds Communications Fiber!

Add Photos and Download Information Quickly!

Once Reynolds Communications connects your residence up with our Fiber Network, your internet speed is going to be amazing! No long wait times for adding those new family pictures or downloads of the latest birthday party.

All of your uploading and downloading of files will go quickly. Enjoy the ease of updates finishing in a timely manner and the ability to get projects done more quickly, especially if you work from home.

Have You Backed Up Your Computer Lately?

Do you currently have slow internet and backing up your computer or saving documents is a daunting task? Get signed up for our Fiber Optics Internet and experience how quickly and easily you will be able to back up your entire hard drive to the cloud, including large photos and videos; in minutes instead of hours!

Work from home with Confidence

If you work from home you need a service provider you can count on. With Reynolds Communications’ unparalleled reliability and local service, the choice is obvious.

Reynolds Communications has multiple geographically diverse upstream connections and a 100% buried cable plant meaning network outages are practically unheard of. And with Reynolds over 95% of trouble reports are responded to within 1 Business Day.