High-Speed Satellite Internet

High-Speed Satellite Internet Packages and Pricing

Reynolds Communications offers the latest in Satellite high-speed Internet access.  Rural and undeveloped, or newly developed areas are often neglected by cable and other phone companies leaving people in those areas with slow dial-up as their only option.

Reynolds Communications works hard to eliminate this with access points and satellites covering nearly ANY rural location. Your high-speed wireless internet connection could be just a phone call away.

Package Downstream Speed Data Limit Price
Sat-60 12Mbps 60 GB $75/Month
Sat-150 30Mbps 150 GB $150/Month

Buy More Data
1GB – $3.00
5GB – $10.00
7GB – $13.00
10GB – $15.00

Upstream Speed: 3Mbps | Commitment Term: 24 Months

After 60GB or 150GB of usage (depending on package), the provider may prioritize your data behind other subscribers during periods of network congestion which may result in slower than advertised speeds. See representative for details.

The equipment rental fee is included in all package prices.
A WiFi-4 Standalone Router is included for free with all packages.

Additional Wifi Options

Installation Fee $350.00 with No Contract
Installation Fee $150.00 with One Year Contract