High Speed Fiber Internet
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We have competitive pricing combined with excellent customer service. We understand the importance of reliable high-speed internet. SEE PRICING
Fiber Internet is the fastest and most reliable high speed internet available for most subscribers. We have added some information to help you understand what Fiber Internet is all about. READ MORE
Fiber-optic internet is a complex technology that allows the transmission of information in the form of light rather than electricity. There are many pieces that make up this advanced technology, but the key component is optical fibers. Optical fibers are … READ MORE
When we say Fiber-To-The-Home, that’s what we mean, not fiber to the curb, or fiber to the neighborhood like other carriers. All our fiber-to-the-home is 100% Fiber all the way to the subscriber’s home. In fact, in most cases… READ MORE
It is an exciting time to have high speed internet with all the devices we use for daily tasks, learning and fun. Check to see what types of service we have available in your area!

Select An Internet Service Type

Use the map provided below to determine which type of Internet Service Reynolds Communications offers in your area.

Light Blue Wireless/Satellite/LTE – Available inside the light blue outline.*
Dark Blue High Speed Fiber Optic – Available in all areas shaded in dark blue. (Reynolds Exchange)
Green High-Speed Fiber Optic – Available in all areas shaded in green.
Red Currently under construction & High-Speed Fiber Optic will be available soon.
Orange Included in the current Build-Plan, however, construction has not yet started.
Dark Brown High-Speed Fiber is planned but not yet scheduled in Build-Plan.

*All locations within the light blue line will qualify for at least one of the 3 service types offered there. A site survey is required in order to determine the specific service type, and packages available to a location in those areas.

I Want To Opt In - Place My Service Line


    You will see our crews working in your area soon. We are placing fiber optic communication lines for ultra-reliable, super-high-speed internet and telephone service.

    During the internet upgrade process, you may experience some of the following:

    • Colored flags and paint on the ground from utility companies
    • Construction personnel, machinery, and sporadic digging
    • Materials and some disturbance of the area

    We want to reassure you, that we will do all that we can to protect the areas and you can expect us to return in 1-3 weeks following the completion to restore any disturbed areas.

    Please let us know if you have any concerns with the condition we leave your lawn, and we will be glad to remedy the situation. You can reach us at 309-372-4214

    Opt-In For A Service Line

    Now is the time to “opt-in” to receive a service line! There is no cost to have the line placed, and absolutely no obligation to sign-up for services. Have more questions? Contact our representatives at 309-372-4214.