High Speed Wireless Internet

High-Speed Wireless Internet

Our Fixed-Wireless Internet service is transmitted from towers owned and operated by Reynolds Communications. Service availability varies by individual location, and requires a Site Survey to verify eligibility. Contact us today to get your free Site-Survey.

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High-Speed Wireless Internet Packages and Pricing

Reynolds Cable Inc. offers unique packages of wireless Internet service to suit the needs of our different customers. Each package has its own advantages and we encourage you to discuss your individual needs with one of our customer service representatives to select the best package for you.

Commitment Term: 12 Months | Data Limit: None

Package Downstream Speed Upstream Speed Price
Silver 6Mbps 1Mbps $59.95/Month
Gold 12Mbps 3Mbps $74.95/Month
Platinum 24Mbps 6Mbps $99.95/Month

The equipment rental fee is included in all package prices.

Installation Fee $350.00 with No Contract
Installation Fee $150.00 with One Year Contract

A WiFi-4 Standalone Router is included for free with all packages.

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