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    Have you seen this on your door? If you have, you are in luck! Reynolds Communications is servicing your area soon. We are placing fiber optic communication lines for ultra-reliable, super-high-speed internet and telephone service!

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     Fiber Optic
    Internet Pricing

    Competitive Pricing with package choices to fit your specific needs.


    Friendly, helpful, courteous customer service for internet, telephone and billing questions.


    High-quality equipment paired with dedicated, trustworthy, experienced technicians for new services and repairs.

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    Download PDFs for registration. Forms available for new subscriber, automatic payments and more.

    High-Speed Fiber-Optic Internet Now Available

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    The people are friendly and work hard to meet any need that arises. I am told when they will come and also any time I have had a question or problem they are right on it and very helpful to solve it. I cannot say enough about how satisfied I am with this company.

    Marge Freebern Lloyd

    We are very happy with the service we have received from The Reynolds Telephone Company. We have never had to wait long for them to help us when we have a problem. They are always friendly and professional.

    Marvetta Birely Jones

    We have had them for a few months now and are very satisfied with our service. we never hardly lose internet connection like we did with previous supplier, and they were quick on getting us hooked up.

    Amanda Sturgill

    Fast speed internet and haven’t had a problem yet

    Matthew DePorter

    The customer service is top notch, and the reliability of our satellite has been pretty impressive with it rarely going out.

    Kelly Haertjens

    Reynold's Fixed wireless internet has become a great replacement to Satellite for us, and they have provided great customer service when we need them!

    Helen G Langston-Brown

    Its the Best - great service - quick & friendly service - Highly recommend

    Vicki Harbarger- Allen

    Reliable, superior high-speed internet and amazing customer service! The best internet company in the Quad-Cities! 

    Tina Stubbs

    Quick response to problems and good folks to deal with.

    James Cato

    Great small town company with phone and internet services for rural residents.

    Scott Jenkins