INTERNET (Fiber, Sat, Wireless & LTE)

What does the Maintenance Plan do for me?

Once and installation is complete, all permanently installed cabling becomes property of the homeowner. Maintenance plans allow homeowners an “insurance policy” against damage to these permanently installed cords and cables. In addition, the maintenance plan also covers service calls for other issues that would normally be the subscribers responsibility.

After the end of the contract do I get to keep the equipment?

After installation, most equipment installed in and on your home remains property of Reynolds Communications with the exception of permanently installed cabling. Equipment belonging to Reynolds Communications must be returned to our office in working order if service is discontinued for some reason.

What is the advantage of using your router?

The advantage of selecting a router option from Reynolds is service. If you encounter an issue with your Internet connection while using a customer owned router, we will need you to bypass the router to eliminate it as the source of the problem. With Reynolds owned Router, we are able to access the router and provide you detailed troubleshooting information and recommendations.

Can we use our own router? Will it lower my bill?

Although a Reynolds Communications modem is required (at no additional cost), routers are optional. We do provide free, or included options that vary with the package selected. However, there is no discount for using your own router when one of our routers was already included with your package.

What plan do I need? Will your Internet Support Streaming or Gaming?

Although all of our packages will support streaming and Online gameplay, package selection involves many different factors and is best discussed with one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives. This will assure that you achieve the Internet experience that you desire.

Can I take the internet with me when we go on vacation?

Unfortunately Not. We do offer vacation rates though. Please contact the office for more information.

INTERNET (Fiber Specific)

How reliable is Fiber Broadband? Is it better than Wireless, Sat, or LTE?

Reynolds Communications’ High Speed Fiber Internet is arguably THE MOST reliable Internet option available. With 100% of our cables buried underground, 100% fiber, and multiple network redundancies, your Internet connection will be there when you need it.

How will the weather affect my service?

Weather has absolutely no effect on our Fiber Internet Service.

What is the data limit on your Fiber Packages?

There is no data limit! All of our fiber packages are 100% unlimited data. No throttling. No De-Prioritization. And No Overage Charges. EVER.

Do you slow our speeds down because we use too much data?

No. All fiber Packages are truly unlimited with no throttling or de-prioritization.

I work from home. Will your service work with my VPN?

Yes. Although, we cannot guarantee the performance of your VPN specifically, due to the fact that it relies upon your employers network to function. What we can tell you, is that we have tons of satisfied subscribers that work from home, and we are always happy to work with your employers IT department in the event of a problem.


When are you going to come back and fix my yard?

We typically try to perform restoration 1-2 times per month. However, there are several factors that may limit our ability to restore your yard within that time frame such as weather. If it has been more than a month and a half and we have not made any attempts to restore your property please contact our office to give us a friendly reminder. Sometimes areas can be accidentally overlooked.

I take pride in my yard. How will it look after you are finished?

When installing utilities underground, digging is a necessary evil. We use a combination of directional drilling and vibratory plowing to place our lines underground. We always attempt to restore disturbed areas as near as practical to the condition prior to digging. We are issued permits from the State, City, County, or Township, with the condition that we restore the right-of-way to their standards. Occasionally some areas may be overlooked, or need additional follow up after our first attempt to restore the turf. If additional attention is needed please contact our office and we will get it in our work queue.


We start by back-filling any excavated areas and allowing the soil at least a week or two to settle before continuing our process.
After allowing for settling we then level and prepare a seedbed using hand tools or at power rake. We apply a mix of seeds that is tailored for the location along with starting fertilizer and other soil enrichments.

We then cover the seeded areas with processed straw mulch to provide moisture retention and protect the seeds. Finally, we water the area to activate a tackifier in the straw product, giving the mulch a firm hold, and encouraging germination of the seeds.
With normal watering, turf should appear full and continuous within 3-6 months.


Some things are outside of our control or beyond the scope of reasonable expectations for the situation.
Rain – We cannot control the weather. Lack Of rain will cause the seed to go dormant, not germinate, or stunt the growth of new grass. For best possible results you may need to water the seeded areas occasionally.

Tracking – Some tracking from machinery tracks or tires is normal when soil conditions are soft. The most effective method for removing tracking is time and the freeze/thaw cycle.

Plow Rip – When we place a line using a vibratory plow, a large vibrating blade is pulled through the ground creating a slit in the ground through which the line is placed. In some soil conditions, it may take many months for the slit to close completely. Typically this slicing action will also temporarily kill grass in a small strip along the route. In favorable conditions, grass should return to normal within 1-2 Months.

Sod – We do not provide sod. None of the authorities having jurisdiction over the rights of way in which we work require sod as a condition of their permits and it is cost prohibitive.

I have an invisible fence. Is that a problem? Can I still get your service?

No problem at all. We would prefer to know about this ahead of time if possible. However, if your invisible fence is damaged, just give us a call and we will come out and repair it right away. Our construction crews carry the necessary supplies on their trucks to make these repairs.

Do I have to be home when you are installing the free line to my house?

No. No one needs to be present when the service line to your home is placed. Access inside your home is not necessary until the time of installation.

I would like to approve the location of the line and where you enter my house. Who do I talk to?

Prior to placing the line to a home, the intended path of construction is marked out using white paint and flags. If there is a conflict with this path or you would like it changed for some reason please contact our office by phone immediately. Although we try to accommodate minor relocation requests, in some cases altering the route may require additional burial fees.

How long will it take? When can I get service?

If you are in the “Available Now” (green or blue) zone of our coverage map, then it is possible that you could get service installed as soon as today! If you still require a service line to be run to your home, then availability is usually about 2 weeks out. If you are in an area that is currently under construction (red), then you are typically 0-6 months from availability based on several different factors. If you are on the opt-in list, once service is available our office will contact you to let you know.


What are all these Taxes and Fees?

Depending on the services that you subscribe to with Reynolds Communications, you may notice several different line items related to taxes, fees, & surcharges. Below is a list of those fees and what they are. For a more detailed look at your bill and how to read it, click here.

-Access Recovery Charge – This charge is a way to recover a portion of the costs incurred by providing other carriers access our network.

-Interstate End User Charge – This fee was established by the FCC as a way to reduce the access charges paid by long-distance companies but still compensate local companies for the use of our networks by those carriers to gain access to their customers.

-Intrastate Access Charge-

-Federal Cost Recovery Fee- This fee is a charge which is not a tax or a government
mandated fee, but is assessed by Reynolds Communications, as permitted by FCC regulations to recover for the cost of compliance associated with federal regulatory requirements.

-Federal Excise Tax- A federal tax on local telephone services and surcharges.

-Federal Universal Service Fund- A federal surcharge on interstate and international telephone services to support universal service programs such as the schools and libraries discount program, and service for people living in rural and high-cost areas.

-County Sales Tax- The county imposes this sales tax. It’s the same sales tax charged on ordinary consumer items. The percentage of tax charged varies from county to county and depends on the county in which the customer lives.

-Illinois PUC Fee- A state imposed tax on phone services which supports Illinois Commerce Commission programs.

-Illinois State 911 Surcharge- This is a charge imposed by local government to cover the cost of 911 service. The customer’s local government determines whether to provide a 911 system. Costs associated with the 911 systems are collected by the phone company through the monthly telephone bill and then paid to the provider of that service.

-Illinois State Excise Tax- The net proceeds from this tax shall be used for the support of the General Revenue Fund and education.

-Illinois State IMF- A fee levied by the state government on the charges for telephone services.

-Illinois Telecom Relay Service and Equip- This surcharge helps fund communication solutions for hearing- and speech-impaired individuals.


What are my payment options?


In Office: Business Hours M-F 8:30 am – 4:30 pm.

By Mail: Return your payment stub with your check or money order to:
Reynolds Telephone Company, PO Box 27, Reynolds, IL 61279.

Recurring ACH Payment: Contact one of our office personnel to sign up. No additional fees.

By Phone: Credit and Debit Card payments. This payment method incurs an additional convenience fee.

Pay Online: Set up an online account so you can view your account, go paperless, and make online payments.
Debit and Credit payments are available with an additional convenience fee.
Online payments are limited to $500.00 per transaction.

If you have any billing questions, please give us a call during normal business hours.
We can be reached at 309-372-4214

Can I go paperless?

Paperless billing is available by registering on our website for e-care. After registering you can select paperless billing to receive notices each month when your statement is available for viewing.

When is my bill due?

By the end of the day on the 26th of every month.

I am never home when your office is open. What do I do if I have issues after hours?

Although our Business office in Reynolds is only open 8:30-4:30 Monday through Friday, we have help available to our subscribers 24/7. For technical questions or to report issues with your service simply call our office at 309-372-4214. Upon hearing the prompt dial 2 for technical support and you will be placed in touch with our remote troubleshooting group based in Ohio. Any issues that they can not resolve will be forwarded back to our Reynolds office for our local technicians to attend to.