Phone: 309 372 4214                                           Fax: 309 372 8888
221 W Main St. - Box 27 -  Reynolds, IL 61279
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Jace Taylor -
General Manager
Lisa Acker - Office Manager
Martie Dixon - Customer Service Representative
Teri Moreland - Customer Service Representative
Mike McCarthy - Plant and Installations Supervisor
Zach Stubbs - Plant and Installations Technician
Jim Sackville - Plant and Installations Technician
JD Arendt - Plant and Installations Technician

Board Of Directors:
Joseph Demarlie - President
James Gray - Vice President
Robert Winter - Secretary
Steve Jahn - Treasurer
Scott Jenkins - Director

About Us
- Reynolds Telephone Company is a subsidiary of Reynolds Communications, which is owned by Reynolds area stock holders.  All management and service personnel are also local to the area. 
        The company was formed in 1957 to provide the village of Reynolds and the surrounding rural area with telephone service.  Over the years, the company has upgraded to provide state-of-the-art equipment and services to our customers.
        The newest service to be provided is digital cable TV and high speed Internet. All the company's equipment is the latest technology, and any problems or requests for service can be arranged from our office right here in Reynolds.
        The goal of Reynolds Communications is to provide the best in cutting edge communications and entertainment services at a reasonable rate.
        All your communication needs are just a phone call away.