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"Light-Speed" Fiber Optic Internet!
Pricing and Packages   -   The Following Packages are available to subscribers within the Reynolds Telephone Exchange boundary.  For Subscribers outside of our exchange please visit This Page to view our RCI Fiber, Wireless, and Satellite Internet packages.       

Light-Speed Fiber Optic Internet -

                                   Download                           Upload                     Village Price                    Rural Price
Bronze Light-Speed         60Mbps                              30Mbps                        $39.95/Mo                         $41.95/Mo

Silver Light-Speed           120Mbps                             60Mbps                        $49.95/Mo                         $51.95/Mo

Gold  Light-Speed           250Mbps                            125Mbps                        $59.95/Mo                         $61.95/Mo

Installation Fee                ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   $30.00

                                    Dont forget to add WiFi!  Click Here to view our managed WiFi Options.

*********** All Internet Packages require a Full or limited phone service due to government regulations ****************

*Download and Upload speeds listed are the maximum attainable speeds within our network & may be affected by factors such as network congestion.    Contact office for specifics on availability of individual packages.