What are all these Taxes and Fees?

Depending on the services that you subscribe to with Reynolds Communications, you may notice several different line items related to taxes, fees, & surcharges. Below is a list of those fees and what they are. For a more detailed look at your bill and how to read it, click here.

-Access Recovery Charge – This charge is a way to recover a portion of the costs incurred by providing other carriers access our network.

-Interstate End User Charge – This fee was established by the FCC as a way to reduce the access charges paid by long-distance companies but still compensate local companies for the use of our networks by those carriers to gain access to their customers.

-Intrastate Access Charge-

-Federal Cost Recovery Fee- This fee is a charge which is not a tax or a government
mandated fee, but is assessed by Reynolds Communications, as permitted by FCC regulations to recover for the cost of compliance associated with federal regulatory requirements.

-Federal Excise Tax- A federal tax on local telephone services and surcharges.

-Federal Universal Service Fund- A federal surcharge on interstate and international telephone services to support universal service programs such as the schools and libraries discount program, and service for people living in rural and high-cost areas.

-County Sales Tax- The county imposes this sales tax. It’s the same sales tax charged on ordinary consumer items. The percentage of tax charged varies from county to county and depends on the county in which the customer lives.

-Illinois PUC Fee- A state imposed tax on phone services which supports Illinois Commerce Commission programs.

-Illinois State 911 Surcharge- This is a charge imposed by local government to cover the cost of 911 service. The customer’s local government determines whether to provide a 911 system. Costs associated with the 911 systems are collected by the phone company through the monthly telephone bill and then paid to the provider of that service.

-Illinois State Excise Tax- The net proceeds from this tax shall be used for the support of the General Revenue Fund and education.

-Illinois State IMF- A fee levied by the state government on the charges for telephone services.

-Illinois Telecom Relay Service and Equip- This surcharge helps fund communication solutions for hearing- and speech-impaired individuals.