I take pride in my yard. How will it look after you are finished?

When installing utilities underground, digging is a necessary evil. We use a combination of directional drilling and vibratory plowing to place our lines underground. We always attempt to restore disturbed areas as near as practical to the condition prior to digging. We are issued permits from the State, City, County, or Township, with the condition that we restore the right-of-way to their standards. Occasionally some areas may be overlooked, or need additional follow up after our first attempt to restore the turf. If additional attention is needed please contact our office and we will get it in our work queue.


We start by back-filling any excavated areas and allowing the soil at least a week or two to settle before continuing our process.
After allowing for settling we then level and prepare a seedbed using hand tools or at power rake. We apply a mix of seeds that is tailored for the location along with starting fertilizer and other soil enrichments.

We then cover the seeded areas with processed straw mulch to provide moisture retention and protect the seeds. Finally, we water the area to activate a tackifier in the straw product, giving the mulch a firm hold, and encouraging germination of the seeds.
With normal watering, turf should appear full and continuous within 3-6 months.


Some things are outside of our control or beyond the scope of reasonable expectations for the situation.
Rain – We cannot control the weather. Lack Of rain will cause the seed to go dormant, not germinate, or stunt the growth of new grass. For best possible results you may need to water the seeded areas occasionally.

Tracking – Some tracking from machinery tracks or tires is normal when soil conditions are soft. The most effective method for removing tracking is time and the freeze/thaw cycle.

Plow Rip – When we place a line using a vibratory plow, a large vibrating blade is pulled through the ground creating a slit in the ground through which the line is placed. In some soil conditions, it may take many months for the slit to close completely. Typically this slicing action will also temporarily kill grass in a small strip along the route. In favorable conditions, grass should return to normal within 1-2 Months.

Sod – We do not provide sod. None of the authorities having jurisdiction over the rights of way in which we work require sod as a condition of their permits and it is cost prohibitive.