Internet (Fiber, Sat, Wireless & LTE)

What does the Maintenance Plan do for me?

Once and installation is complete, all permanently installed cabling becomes property of the homeowner. Maintenance plans allow homeowners an “insurance policy” against damage to these permanently installed cords and cables. In addition, the maintenance plan also covers service calls for other issues that would normally be the subscribers responsibility.

After the end of the contract do I get to keep the equipment?

After installation, most equipment installed in and on your home remains property of Reynolds Communications with the exception of permanently installed cabling. Equipment belonging to Reynolds Communications must be returned to our office in working order if service is discontinued for some reason.

What is the advantage of using your router?

The advantage of selecting a router option from Reynolds is service. If you encounter an issue with your Internet connection while using a customer owned router, we will need you to bypass the router to eliminate it as the source of the problem. With Reynolds owned Router, we are able to access the router and provide you detailed troubleshooting information and recommendations.

Can we use our own router? Will it lower my bill?

Although a Reynolds Communications modem is required (at no additional cost), routers are optional. We do provide free, or included options that vary with the package selected. However, there is no discount for using your own router when one of our routers was already included with your package.

What plan do I need? Will your Internet Support Streaming or Gaming?

Although all of our packages will support streaming and Online gameplay, package selection involves many different factors and is best discussed with one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives. This will assure that you achieve the Internet experience that you desire.