Tuesday October 1st 2013 - Reynolds Cable, Inc. is now offering Whole-Home DVR service available immediately! Watch and record up to 5 different programs simultaneously from any room in the house  please contact our office for more information or visit the IPTV page.

Tuesday October 1st 2013
- Reynolds Cable, Inc. once again increases speeds of both Terrestrial and Wireless Internet services. Boasting speeds of 4, 16, & 32 Mbps RCI High speed internet packages now offer more bandwidth than the comparably priced packages from competitor Mediacom.  Please visit our Internet or Wireless page for details on the latest offerings.

Friday September 20th 2013
- Reynolds Telephone Company has finished plant construction in remote serving area two. With construction complete fiber-to-the-home service is now available to nearly 25 percent of our rural subscribers. This will allow subscribers in the areas southwest of Reynolds unlimited access to all the same great services offered within village limits. Inquire today! 

Tuesday March 26th 2013
- Reynolds Cable, Inc. has added 4 new channels. Horse Racing TV, WIU Network, KWQC - Weather, and WRMJ Radio are now all available in the expanded basic channel lineup.

Monday March 11th 2013 -
Reynolds Telephone company has made significant upgrades to our internal network replacing our core router with new Juniper switchgear.

Monday May 14th 2012
- Reynolds Telephone Company begins construction on our rural Fiber-To-The-Home project in the outlying areas southwest of Reynolds. Construction is expected to last approximately a year and a half and will offer our rural subscribers the same high speed, high quality services available to our subscribers in the village.

Tuesday April 24th 2012
- Reynolds Cable, Inc. has launched Google-Aps as our new e-mail and web services platform.  Google aps will now be available to all subscribers and RTCnet.net will replace our previous email domain of Winco.net
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Monday January 23rd 2012 - Reynolds Cable, Inc. increases high speed internet speeds across the board.  RCI increases bronze package to 4Mbps in both village and rual areas and offers 12Mb and 16Mb service in the village of Reynolds.  RCI makes these changes as work on the Fiber-to-the-home project in the village draws to a close.  Fiber throughout the village now allows for nearly unlimited growth potential and speeds.

Wednesday November 30th 2011
- Reynolds Cable, Inc. adds several channels to the High Definition channel lineup along with a few standard definition channels including the WQAD weather channel.  Consult a current channel lineup for the most updated channel listings.

Friday Aug 19th 2011
- Reynolds Cable, Inc. completes the purchase of an existing broadcast tower in our exchange for use in providing wireless broadband internet service.  The new broadcast tower is 295' and allow us to expand and improve upon our wireless internet service offered outside of our exchange. For more information on our wireless service.
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Thursday July 28th 2011 - Reynolds Cable, Inc. adds Lifetime Movie Network HD to its High Definition channel lineup.

Tuesday May 31st 2011
- Reynolds Telephone Co. starts Fiber-To-The-Home construction on the south side of the village. Having completed construction on the north side of IL Route 94 construction is now beginning on the south side of the village and is expected to go through fall finishing the three year project which will provide fiber optic service to all of our subscribers in the village of Reynolds.

Friday April 8th 2011
- Reynolds Cable, Inc. adds three new channels to our High Definition channel lineup today.  Comcast SportsNet HD, FX HD, and SPEED HD are now available as part of our standard HD package bringing a total of 61 High Definition channels including our HD movie channels.

Tuesday Jan 11th 2011
- Reynolds Telephone Co. begins Fiber-To-The-Home installations for customers on a selective basis.  Customers with higher bandwidth requirements will be selected to make the upgrade to improve their overall experience.  RTC also at this time making improvements to DVR functionality and rolling out new Remote Controls for all standard definition Set Top Boxes.

Monday May 17th 2010
- Reynolds Telephone Co. begins Fiber-To-The-Home trials in preparation for deployment to customers.  RTC has installed trials of our fiber optic service in friendly locations to begin testing before our intended mid-summer release to customers.  Reynolds Telephone Company's Fiber-To-The-Home service is a new venture by RTC allowing near unlimited amounts of voice, data, and video services to be provided to each customer over an optical fiber no thicker than a human hair.  What this means for customers is the fastest internet speeds, the clearest television, and the most crisp phone calls available. 
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Wednesday March 31st 2010 - Reynolds Telephone Co. increases internet bandwidth capacity. For the third time this year RTC has increased the capacity of our backbone connection in effort to provide the fastest possible connection for our internet customers.

Thursday January 28th 2010
- Reynolds Cable Inc. has completed the transition to Conklin-Intracom's FSCDN Middleware.  This transition has made possible the addition of DVR & HD offerings as well as improving several other aspects of our customer's digital television experience.

Friday January 8th 2010
- Reynolds Cable Inc. begins offering High Definition (HD) service with our IPTV digital television service.  HD offers enhanced clarity and quality of picture when connected to and HD capable television. Reynolds Cable Inc. will offer 40 channels off of our Expanded Basic lineup in HD along with most premium movie channels. HD service is available for an additional monthly equipment charge and is subject to certain rules & restrictions. 
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Thursday December 3rd 2009 - Reynolds Cable Inc. begins offering Digital Video Recorder (DVR) service with our IPTV digital television service.  DVR service as it is most often termed allows subscribers to pause, record, and fast-forward live television as well as schedule for their favorite televisions shows to be automatically recorded using the on-screen guide. DVR service is available for a small monthly fee. Learn more

Monday September 28th 2009 - Reynolds Cable Inc. announces new higher speeds for bandwidth packages!  The modified packages now offer either 2Mbs/256k or 4Mbs/512k increasing speeds as much as five times for customers.  All current customers have been upgraded and the "Gold" bandwidth package will be retired.

Thursday September 10th 2009
- Reynolds Telephone Company has began construction on phase-1 of it's recently announced planned FTTH (Fiber-To-The-Home) network.  Crews will be working to complete phase-1 construction by the end of 2009. Projected dates for service availability still remain to be set.

Monday June 29th 2009
- Reynolds Telephone Company announces plans to provide FTTH (Fiber-To-The-Home) service in the village of the Reynolds. FTTH will equip each and every subscriber with their very own Fiber-Optic connection capable of providing Telephone, Internet, and Digital Television over a strand of glass no thicker than a human hair. Construction and estimated completion dates have yet to be set.

Monday March 30th 2009
- Reynolds Cable Inc has added three new channels to our expanded basic channel lineup. "Sleuth" - channel 256, "Chiller" - channel 255, and "ESPN U" - channel 254.

Monday Dec 1st 2008
- To show customer appreciation all Reynolds Telephone Company customers recieve a $20.00 credit on their December bill. An early Christmas gift from Reynolds Telephone.

Tuesday June 3rd 2008
- Reynolds Telephone now offering DSL modems with built in WiFi for an additional $2.00 a month.  Call today to inquire about this service.

Monday April 7th 2008
- All DSL subscribers have now been switched to new Dynamic Public IP addresses adding speed and reliability to our customers internet connection.

Saturday March 1st 2008
- Video on demand officially released to RTC customers. Rent movies and much more right from the comfort of your home using the on screen menu. -
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